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Posts from beyond: 2003

January 2003

Phew – 2003 already! Can’t believe it. Went out for New Year’s Eve for the first time in years, and had a great time. Screwed up my back that afternoon though, it took a while to fix itself. My birthday was cool, friends and food and drink and dessert, who could ask for more?

Jamaica was fantastic – Jenn and Pete’s wedding was excellent! Here’s a full write-up...

Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers – Saw two more times, that’s three times now!
Simone – the film on the way to Montego Bay – it was better than I expected
The Tuxedo – the film on the way back to Toronto – totally silly!

xXx Special Edition – a birthday present from Jordan, yay! I love this movie...
Mad About You: Complete First Season – I get warm fuzzy feelings whenever I watch this show
Young Ones: Every Stoopid Episode – Silly stuff, worth a watch!

February 2003

The big Corporate Identity rollout went just great, check out my office’s website and see how beautiful it is! However, as a result I overworked myself because I’m sick now. Ugh. Went out to Savage again for the first time since I think last November, had a good time. Also had dinner with our new friends from the Jamaica trip. Valentine’s Day was nice, Jordan and I went for dinner and drinks, nice and relaxed.

Of course, the biggest thing came at the end of the month – I sprained my ankle, rather badly too, spent a day in the hospital and time on crutches – this only five days after buying the coolest beatle-boots ever! I can’t even put them on now, my ankle’s so swollen...

Shanghai Knights – just as silly as Shanghai Noon, fun!

Eddie Izzard: Dress To Kill – he’s a weird funny guy. And the weirdest part is, it includes a gig he did in Paris in French – and I could understand most of it!
David Bowie: Best Of Bowie – many, many videos...
My Big Fat Greek Wedding – the perfect Valentine’s Day present, woo hoo!
About A Boy
The Bourne Identity

New Music:
John Prine’s Sweet Revenge – not really new, quite old actually.
Sting’s Dream Of The Blue Turtles – thought it was about time I had this on CD
Level 42’s Level Best – again, replacement for a cassette version
Bob Dylan’s Desire – memories of the brother’s singing Isis...

March 2003

Steven Wright is the funniest man on the planet! We laughed so hard we were weak when we left! Crutches gone, now walking with a cane and going through physiotherapy. *sigh* I’m such a putz. Going well though, the swelling is going down. Lots of medical appointments now. Jenn and Pete finally had their reception, it was wonderful. Mikus Veganae came in from Victoria for it, so that was cool. Went out dancing (that was interesting, considering my inability to walk!) Saw another hockey game, actually enjoyed that too (on TV though). Bought a new cell phone too, finally I’m not carrying an anchor! Jordan had to go to the states for a week, I’ve missed him!

Catch Me If You Can – a great movie! See it...
Dreamcatcher – read the book, it’s better. Well cast, good effects, pretty good until about halfway through when it turned into a hollywood flick. Worth seeing, perhaps not to buy though...

Mapp And Lucia is finally out! I picked it up as soon as I saw it...
Reservoir Dogs
Apollo 13

New Music:
Joe Jackson’s Summer In The City and Night And Day II
The Fixx’s Missing Links
Bruford’s Master Strokes – yet again, a replacement for vinyl...

April 2003

What a crazy month – lots of overtime at work, an Indian Engagement Ceremony, and Jordan and I went to see the Jays, in some very excellent seats, courtesy of my boss! Nina Simone died this month, I’m very sad about that.

A Man Apart – actually okay, Vin Diesel did a pretty good job.
The Core – interesting, and they only said Nukular once!
The Good Thief – better than I expected, the end is entertaining.
Bulletproof Monk – Chow Yun-Fat is great to watch, but damn, the story and dialogue was a little sucky. Wait for TV.
A Mighty Wind – so much fun!

The Police: Every Breath You Take, The DVD
The Transporter
Dogma: Special Edition
M*A*S*H 30th anniversary 5-star edition

May 2003

Spent some time with friends in Kitchener, which was nice. Went to see X2 three times, I’m on a rampage! Jordan and I went to see Melotron and Covenant, which was actually a great show – I never thought I’d want to see an electronic band live, but even though a lot of it was preprogrammed it was still a fun show. I’d definitely see them both again. Joined the gym again, finally, and it’s hard but I’m going and I’m sore sore sore! I’ve got a trainer so he’s making me do real work... Went to a Vintages party at a friend’s house and saw some people we hadn’t seen forever! And we had a little get-together at the co-op too, nice to see the neighbours having a good time.

X2 – Okay, I’ve seen it three times! Better than the first one!
Matrix Reloaded – Less talk, more action!
Finding Nemo – This is so much fun!

Mad About You: Second Season
Little Big Man
The Secretary
Family Guy: Seasons 1&2
Kindred The Embraced complete collection

New Music:
Covenant: Northern Light

June 2003

So so busy, oh boy, I’m burning out...

I had surgery, three stitches in my head (had to get that pesky bit of brain out of there!) so now I’m desperately in need of a new haircut! Finally went out to Savage Garden again for their 9th anniversary (check out the pictures!) and really danced for the first time since I screwed up my ankle. Paid for it the next day though, it was really swollen and sore. Busier and busier at work too, it seems like everyone finally knows what we can do for them and they all want to take advantage of it at once! Went to two deck parties in one weekend and really wore myself out, drank far too much too. Ah well, it’s what you do when you hold it all in for too long ;-) I’ve made it through more than a month at the gym now and I have biceps! Woo hoo! Ended the month with a wedding shower, more dancing and a parade (boy, my ankle is killing me).

July 2003

Summer’s here and it’s... HOT! Oh yeah. Long weekend was good, we got the extra day off from work. Lessee, we did a nice trip down to Harbourfront, but mostly it’s just been too hot to move lately. Spent a weekend on Tanya’s farm just hanging out and relaxing, another weekend celebrating the good fortunes of friends...

Charlie’s Angels 2 – fun and stupid!
28 Days Later – creeeeeepy...
Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl - Johnny Depp chewing scenery in heavy eyeliner – what more could you ask for?

Stargate Ultimate Edition, Director’s Cut
American History X
– building up my Ed Norton collection...
Dark Angel: Complete First Season
The Man Who Fell To Earth
- more Ed Norton!

New Music:
Pete Townshend: CoolWalkingSmoothTalkingStraightSmokingFireStoking
INXS: Kick
Tangerine Dream: Underwater Sunlight
David Bowie: Black Tie White Noise
David Bowie: Hours...
This Mortal Coil: Blood
Stone Roses: Second Coming
The Sundays: Static & Silence
Crystal Method: Keep Hope Alive
Delerium: Karma
Delerium: Poem
Delerium: Semantic Spaces
Nine Inch Nails: The Downward Spiral
Deep Forest: Comparsa
Consolidated: Business Of Punishment

August 2003

Went to Welland for a nice long weekend to start off the month – and of course had to go to the casino with Dad. Lost. No surprise. Also went to a 40th birthday party, which was lots of fun – I was so tired that day though! Deck Party 5 was a total blast! So many people showed up, we ended up on the roof way before sundown, definitely a record too. And I warned you all about the LawnGuyLand Iced Tea, so don’t blame me... For photos check out my Imagestation page. The blackout was interesting, most people behaved rationally (a few pix are also at Imagestation). Relaxed at my friend’s cottage for five days (again, check out Imagestation), which was just wonderful! Finished the summer at Lee-ann & Paul’s wedding, which was beautiful...

Monty Python Live!
Sleepy Hollow
Benny & Joon
Terminator: Special Edition
Children Of Dune
Catch Me If You Can

September 2003

Johnny Cash is dead, that’s so incredibly sad. Well, his wife passed earlier this year and they always say when you’re together for a long time like that you go pretty much together. And John Ritter too. And Robert Palmer.In fact, a lot of people died this month, man. But Meghan and Jeff had a new little boy, so that offsets it!

September, hmm. Well, it’s just stupid busy this month, I’ve been doing overtime a lot, but I’m also finally getting back into the swing of the gym after all the interruptions last month! Birthday parties, housewarming parties, overtime at work...

The Italian Job – lots of fun
Pirates Of The Caribbean again – couldn’t resist...
Finding Nemo – yes, again
Once Upon A Time In Mexico

To Play The King trilogy – eeew, Urquhart’s slimy!
Lost In La Mancha
The Life Of Python
Donnie Darko
Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere

October 2003

Went to a bridal shower in Kitchener and out dancing, woo hoo! Jordan and I also went to see Eric Idle at Massey Hall, that was fun too. Also spent Thanksgiving with the folks. Went to Bier Markt with Jordan and a couple of friends to celebrate his birthday and our anniversary! Wow, can’t believe it’s been a year already...

Secondhand Lions
The Rundown
Kill Bill, Volume 1

Dune: Alan Smithee edition

November 2003

Well, the month started out pretty good – Manik & Neetu’s wonderful wedding, my parents’ 40th wedding anniversary, spent a day at Langdon Hall spa, started my Xmas shopping...

And then Jordan and I broke up.

Yeah. But I’m doing okay. I’ve started getting more Xmas shopping done, went for Japanese, and even went to a Who pub, which is better than I thought I’d be able to do this soon. Went to see the boys play and hosted a fun baby shower at a tea room too, so things are still chugging along.

Kill Bill, Volume 1 (again)
Matrix: Revolutions
Under A Tuscan Sun
- girlie movie!
Lost In Translation

Eddie Izzard: Circle

December 2003

Well, it was a crazy month. A lot of travelling, but I had a couple of weeks off so that was good. A couple of parties, went to Velvet Underground, saw Lord Of The Rings, and visited with friends from Korea and Seattle and Vancouver! All in Ontario though ;-) I got all of my shopping done in time to do a little for myself even! Sonia and Paul are finally parents, which was rough on her but they’re home with Pacey now and happy. New Year’s Eve was spent in a quiet way though, dinner out and drinks with a few friends at their place.

Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King – on the IMAX screen even!

Pirates Of The Caribbean – for Xmas from Vik for Secret Santa
The Party – for Xmas from Janelle
Finding Nemo – for Xmas from my folks
Men With Brooms
12 Monkeys
Olive The Other Reindeer
Final Destination 2
- ooh, gory...

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