Saturday, February 25, 2006

Yes, it's been a little while

Okay, I'm trying to do this again - I keep crashing, I swear!

So anyway, I've got five squares done for Project Linus (pictures will come soon), but I think one of them doesn't count, as it turned into a diamond (yep, a diamond, so perfect too) so I'm trying to decide if I want to make another one before tomorrow. I'm thinking not, as I have friends coming in, going to the Belle & Sebastian show tonight, AND I'm fighting off a really nasty cold.

This week was interesting. Last weekend I went to Kitchener to visit with my godson (oh, and his parents and friends too *grin*), went for desserts and drinks with a bunch of ladies, Jenn and I went to Voila for a spa day that was soooo good, spent too much money (but for really really good deals) at the Jones New York outlet, got some extra stitching in with Janelle, all good. Work was REALLY BUSY but I'm on top of everything, and got a really good performance review on Friday, yay! Also met a lot of cool people at a Stitch & Bitch on Wednesday that I think is going to be a mostly-regular Wednesday night thing for me. Made a trip to Romni and bought lots of sock yarn (for way too much money) and also picked up the new DVD release of Lynch's DUNE, a Cat Stevens best-of CD and the new Death Cab For Cutie CD. Yes, lots of money spent.

Oh, and I went to see The Matador with Todd this week too - really funny, actually, and Pierce Brosnan actually made my skin crawl a bit, which was quite a feat. Greg Kinnear was adorable too.

And I do need to watch that now, as my roommate is now looking for a new place. No, we didn't have a fight - his boyfriend is coming to stay for a few months (if not permanently) and his bedroom is quite small, they need the space. And to be honest, I'm surprised he managed to live with me for so long (I am a slob, as anyone can attest to). So yes, I need to watch my spending.

But I need a new confuser.

And a new vacuum cleaner.

And also I'm in love with a really expensive cell phone that I really want even though I don't need it.


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