Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Teething problems

Okay, so now I'm new again to having my own place alone.

This morning I woke up, opened the bedroom door and was blasted with cold air. What's up with this? I look into the second bedroom to find the window almost completely gone - if it wasn't for the wire my ex-roommate was using to hold it closed (the crank was busted, another story) it would have been down on the deck in a million teeny sharp pieces! That wind lastnight was something...

I let the office know, and they sent someone around today while I was at work - they couldn't completely fix it so quickly, but they've shut it and I've got to leave it that way until such time as they can replace the assembly *sigh* but I'm glad to have such a quick response time!

So anyway, after work tonight I went to see V For Vendetta on the IMAX screen, yay! It was quite a heavy-handed movie and had a lot of self-importance, but I fully enjoyed it. And anything on the IMAX screen is fun, full stop.

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