Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Six, sleven, eight, rutabega, ten.

Yeah, I know, I haven't put up my camera safari pix yet. In the meantime, here's something S took of me that day...

So anyway, Sunday night I had to work a client event, which was good actually, really well received cocktail party (and btw, if you're wondering what area of practice all the hot male lawyers gravitate towards, apparently it's Trade-Mark Law). Anyway, I didn't actually get home until around quarter to 12, so Monday I was a bit of a wreck. Still recovering really.

Lastnight T and I went to see Lucky Number Slevin. Okay, that is just the stupidest name for a movie ever. But that said, the movie was quite cool. Morgan Freeman is always a reason to watch a movie. Bruce Willis is interesting, Josh Hartnett is great and so much fun (btw, Ataraxia is now my favourite fake medical condition). Lucy Liu was effervescent. Ben Kingsley's accent is a bit muddled, but that's okay 'cos he's cool. Basic plot - Slevin is visiting a missing friend and is mistaken for him by two warring kingpins, and also romances the cute neighbour. Full of twists, some are predictable while some come from left field. Great dialogue. Morgan Freeman is the coolest man on the planet. *ahem*

And in other news, I managed to go to the gym again today - before work, can you believe it? I've never done that before. I suck at getting up early. So today was really a day of firsts, because I also saw a pigeon preening another pigeon, which was just so cute. Usually they're either jumping on each other or running away from each other, this was just bizarre to see and somewhat uplifting.

Tonight is the weekly stitch & bitch, and I feel confident that I'll make it again this week, I don't think anything's gonna keep me here too late. Working on that purple & blue shrug again - the fisherman's scarf is on hold until things calm down enough for my brain to be able to handle it again.

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  1. Love the hat babe! I think the top photo is my favourite.

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