Sunday, May 07, 2006

Weekend festivities

This has been a pretty good weekend so far - Saturday morning I went to the Clothing Show with a couple of friends. This used to be known as the Old Clothing Show & Sale and New Clothing Annex - but there's so much new now that they had to change it. I liked it better when everything was antique, it was a real event and I would dress for the occasion, as did many others. But now it's so much new stuff, which is all designed for eeny weeny squeeny little people, that I end up not getting as much, which is probably a good thing. Anyway, I got a new pair of old shoes, a funky new hat and some little phone dangly things. Afterwards one of my friends came over and we wandered the Distillery and went to Balzac's for coffee, which was nice and I think I have to keep doing that.

Later another friend came in and we went to Jersey Giant for dinner, mmm, and then the rest of the evening consisted of drunken viewing of Withnail & I and Curse Of The Wererabbit.

I have seen Withnail & I an inordinate number of times, but had never watched it with alcohol in my system, which just seemed blasphemous, so my friend and I got tipsy and watched it. I had told him it was funny so he agreed to watch it first. Funny thing though, it seemed more funny to me sober. That's wrong, surely?

Curse Of The Wererabbit was just hilarious. Of course I was quite smashed by that time, teeth spongey and all, but I think it was probably just as funny sober. So many double entendres, and the bunnies were so cute! Aw, bless 'em...

Today we went back to the Distillery and Balzac's again, and did a bit of a photo safari - pix may be coming...

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