Friday, December 15, 2006

Global warming weather?

What a week! Triple Bill night was off Monday, since Dr Who and Heroes are both on hiatus, so I bought a wee Xmas tree - I love it! And after having people ask me for weeks what I want for Xmas/Birthday, I've added a couple of wish lists (see the bar at the right) - check it out, you know, in case you wanted to show me how much you love me *grin*. Cellar Rats played the Bar Tools - again, we got trounced, but I'm getting better for sure. Didn't get home until quite late though, so tired! Lastnight a bunch of us went to see The Holiday - okay, it's a chick flick, but it wasn't bad. Not fabulous, of course, but not bad, enjoyable. And tonight I must make a dent in all that Xmas shopping I haven't got to yet, gah! Wish me luck!

The pathetic amount of snow we've had this yearOh, and we're back to balmy weather. December 4 was the only snow we've had here in Toronto that's stuck all season, and it disappeared a day later - lucky I had my camera, or you would have missed it! It was up to 10 degrees celsius today. This is insane - how can they say Global Warming is a theory when it's like this???

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