Sunday, December 03, 2006

Sloan and Bond

Sloan promoSloan! Yep, saw Sloan at the Koolhaus, they were making up for missing the show in October. Pretty good overall, but uneven really. The new album is actually pretty uneven, but the performance was at times amazing and at other times 'called in'. The mics weren't balanced very well either, which was annoying, and my back was totally killing me on Friday from standing on the concrete. But they played my favourite (Money City Maniacs) so it was all good.

Casino RoyalePretty good weekend though! Friday we went to see Casino Royale - BEST BOND FLICK EVER! Daniel Craig looks like he kills people for a living, he's grittier than the previous Bonds. No invisible cars, no laser beams from space, no big dudes with dubious dental implants - just a slick guy who has a defibrillator in his car. Way cool. The freerunning sequence at the beginning was excellent - but presented me with the only thing in the whole movie that was absolutely unbelievable: he wasn't out of breath at ALL at the end of it! *grin*

J*&P&A managed to make it in on Saturday, so we spent the day wandering around the Eaton Centre and thereabouts, eating at The Pickle Barrel and then walking around - we went to Old City Hall so I could show them the light show... which didn't happen, there was a band! But just as we gave up and started walking away... fireworks! Yep, fireworks right there in Nathan Philips Square! I haven't put my pix up yet but they're coming! After that L and I were off to the Black Swan on the Danforth to watch our friend's band The Raging Butanes - rockin' blues, mmm!

And then another lazy Sunday watching videos and napping and such, aaaah...

rescued from Draft purgatory

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