Sunday, May 27, 2007

They're all married up!

Yesterday L and I drove into Niagara Falls to stand up with my friends J&R as they got married! It was really nice - up the Konica Minolta Tower, great view, only ten of us plus the photographer and minister. French tourists tried to invade twice, but we beat them back with picks and shovels. Next door to TGI Fridays (shades of Office Space) for drinks while they had more pix taken, back to the tower for drinks and carousing at the bar, back again to TGI Fridays for more drinks and nibblies, then off to my parents’ for the evening.

Today I made a shirt for my Dad as I won’t see him for Father’s Day (Two-Sheds, get it? Well, maybe you had to be there) and then L and I drove to Stoney Creek for his cousin’s engagement party (big family again, of course) and then back here.

What a weekend! Oh, and I bought a couple of DVDs before taking off - A Mighty Wind and Bladerunner (Director’s Cut) - but I haven’t watched them yet!

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