Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Wedding project under way - and the evil that is Facebook

Yep, joined Facebook. It’s evil.

The Clothing Show came around, and of course I spent money - not bad though, a dress, three dress shirts, a t-shirt, five badges, a project bag and a purse for under $100! Better than most years! I also got back to Honest Ed’s and got that Magic Bullet - I love it!

But the best news is - I found what I need for J&R’s present! So now I’m going to be VERY busy!

Of course, I joined Facebook too. I have friends who refer to it as Crackbook. No kidding... but it’s been interesting, I’ve been contacted by people I haven’t seen in years, which is pretty cool.

Oh what else has been going on, I dunno, it’s been a blur while I’ve been working on the present...

Oh, due to circumstances too involved to go into, I now have four giant orange goldfish, three times as long as any of the other fish in my aquarium. I think it was a bad idea now to have adopted them though, as they’re terrifying all my other fish and I think they even ATE two of my shrimp - who are now too scared to come out and clean the tank, which they were doing before. My aquarium is gross now, I will have to clean it myself, sheesh...

Oh, and visited my parents and L’s parents for Mother’s Day weekend, that was very nice. My Dad and I went for a nice long walk along the canal and such, so nice that the weather was sweet.

New DVDs: Casino Royale (best Bond EVAH) and Night At The Museum, both nice additions to the addiction...

rescued from Draft purgatory


  1. bit o' butter, fry em up..

  2. It's a suggestion I've had a few times - and I'm sorely tempted at this point...

  3. Dear Koshka, (Russian for 'cat' i think?)

    I noticed while cruisin' the net that you like my artwork? Thank you. Noticed your positive comments on an 'unfamous artists blog' i perused. Appreciate all the plugs i can get.

    See your a 'Highlander' fan too! (Only the first movie is any good!)

    Anyway, hope you are happy; whatever that is!



  4. Wow, thanks! So, you were over on Bowlie, were you? My home from home...