Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mac & Cheese

So this weekend was our two-year anniversary. L and I spent the weekend relaxing at his place - and I made homemade Mac & Cheese. Yup, homemade, not Kraft Dinner. I have a new love for super old Cheddar now! It turned out okay, a little dry I think but pretty good.

The weather was pretty crap that weekend too - we went for dinner on Sunday to Kelsey’s (best spinach dip ever) and when we came out the sky was BLACK - but way off to the West the sun was setting below the massive black cloud and looked amazing. I tried to capture it the entire way home but none of my pix look good, so I can’t show you. Sorry.

Also over the weekend I bought a new winter coat at Winners, it’s absolutely gorgeous - but I’m afraid to wear it, as it is BRIGHT WHITE. It’s just begging for coffee or gravy or something to get spilled on it! So I’m going to see if I can find the same coat in a different colour or else perhaps an even more lovely coat.

Oh. And at darts yesterday we had possibly the worst service and worst pub fare ever. And they wonder why they don’t get fabulous tips.

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