Sunday, October 04, 2009

Louis CK and Nuit Blech

So wow, Louis CK is one funny bastard, let me tell you. Thought I was gonna wet myself. And, surprisingly, a nice guy – at least he seemed that way when I met him.

Oh, didn’t I tell you? I went to see Louis CK lastnight, at the Winter Garden Theatre (by the way? most gorgeous theatre I’ve ever been in). Saw him sort of by myself, as I couldn’t get two seats together for a friend and I, but I knew someone else going *waves to Xef* and we were in the same row, so yay! Great seats, second row back in the Mezzanine, excellent view. Anyway, bought his latest DVD, he signed it after the show, all good.

Oh, but that wasn’t the end of the evening’s hijinks, oh no. See, lastnight was Nuit Blanche. Now, I had no actual plans to visit any of the installations or events, as I’ve been incredibly disappointed both times I’ve gone, and I didn’t even go last year for that reason. But Xognya was going to wander, and I figured what the hell, it’ll be midnight already when I get out of the show, why not? So we wandered, with Xef for a bit too.

What did we see? Lessee. A giant silver bunny floating in the Eaton Centre, complete with giant silver carrot. A strange group of people in sheets (‘ghosts’ apparently) moaning in a circle. An awesome suspended light ever-changing word at Nathan Philips’ Square. A story told through dance. A constantly-updating visual representation of world debt levels. A giant ‘NO’ (that was more than a bit lame). Amusement park rides staffed by out-of-work suits on Bay Street (the best allegory ever!). A giant reflecting pool of vodka. A film about the Kensington Market community. An interactive music-making courtyard at my office. And, lastly, an all-night dance class at the Toronto Reference Library, which we stayed at through Salsa and Swing. This year it was no Nuit Blech!

I didn’t get to bed until after 6am, was suddenly wide awake at 7:30am, went back to sleep and woke again at 8:30am and haven’t slept since. Probably had maybe a total of two hours of sleep. But man, what a night.

And no, I didn’t visit the Distillery, right next door.

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