Thursday, January 07, 2010

2010: The Death List

Okay, so we’re not wishing these people would die, these are merely predictions for the coming year. Believe me, I’d be heartbroken over the deaths of a number of people on this list. But not all of them!

To be honest, we do this ever year on New Year’s Eve or thereabouts, but we always forget to write them down. Not this time!

Keep in mind, some of these are people we honestly think may die this year (bad health, rough living, etc.) and some are ‘wild cards’. Not telling which.

Liz Taylor (J*)
Nancy Reagan (J*)
Dick Clark (P)
Phyllis Diller (J)
Liza Minelli (me)
Mackauley Culkin (me)
Corey Haim and/or Feldman (J*)
Ozzy Osbourne (J*)
Sharon Osbourne (P)
Casey Kasem (me)
Lindsay Lohan (J*)
Amy Winehouse (me)
Mischa Barton (J*)
Britney Spears (me)
David Hasselhoff (J*)
President Barack Obama (P-Train)
Former President George W Bush (me)
Queen Elizabeth (J*)
Prince Philip (J*)
Prince Charles (P-Train)
Anyone from Jersey Shore (P)
New York (from Flavor Of Love) (Suki)
Lil’ Bow Wow (J*)
Ron Wood (P)
Paula Abdul (J*)
Pete Doherty (J* and P)
Miley Cyrus (me)
Simon Cowell (P-Train)
George Michael (J*)
Elton John (me)
Rod Stewart (P)
Ben Johnson (G)
Tiger Woods (J*)
Gilbert Arenas (P-Train)
Stephen Fry (me)
Wayne Gretzky (J*)
Janet Gretzky (P-Train)
Former First Lady Barbara Bush (J*)
Vince Neill (J*)
David Lee Roth and/or Eddie Van Halen (me)
Valerie Bertinelli (me)
David Letterman (J*)
John Gosselin (me)
Stephen King (me)
Lewis Black (J*)
Louis CK (me)
Tyra Banks (me)
Nelson Mandela (J*)
Morgan Freeman (me)
Woody Allen (me)
Christopher Lee (J*)
Dennis Hopper (J*)

Okay, now I’ve got them written down and they’re ‘out there.’ I say again, THIS IS NOT A WISH LIST, just the result of an evening’s chat…

What do you think? Any names to add?

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  1. If I had to make a list I'd put Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and Amy Winehouse on it...and Maculay Culkin wouldn't surprise me but would make me very sad.