Friday, May 21, 2010

Guilty, but with an explanation...

(yes, from Bananas)

Okay, I see it’s been, um, NINETEEN WEEKS since I posted! No way am I going to do a complete update. But I’ve had my reasons.

    Doctor Whom
  • Saw an old friend from university perform in Doctor Whom, a comedy-dr who-improv thingie. ’Twas fun.
  • Tavern hit its 10th anniversary, and there was much rejoicing.
  • Saw several movies, including Avatar (okay but not original), Alice In Wonderland (ah, Johnny), Clash of the Titans (dumber than a sack of hair, but fun to watch), Hot Tub Time Machine (also dumb, but somehow excellent) and Iron Man 2 (RDJ makes me weak)
  • Wii
  • Bought a Wii and a Wii Fit Plus. So cheap, when you’re trading in Optimum points for them (I love Shopper’s Drug Mart)
  • Finally saw my brother playing at the Done Right. His recovery continues, he’s doing so well!
  • Discovered the joy of London Fogs. Can make them at home, thus avoiding the $5-a-pop from Teaopia.
  • Vancouver 2010 logo
  • Was obsessed with the Olympics this year. The opening ceremonies were insane, mostly awesome with small moments of suck. Unlike many others, enjoyed the super-kitch of the closing ceremonies.
  • Went to Mexico with J*, couldn’t snorkel almost the whole time we were there, injured my knee quite badly (still getting over it)
  • BOUGHT A CONDO (yes, you read that right, I bought a condo. I’m still unpacking. BTW, Frogboxes are excellent.)
  • Jersey Boys, Toronto cast
  • Saw Jersey Boys again. Totally worth it. You should go!
  • Saw Eddie Izzard. I love that man. So, so much. Had excellent seats too!
  • Unfortunately, fell into the Facebook game pit – now attempting to recover from Country Life and Petville
  • Started the latest season of Dr Who – Matt Smith is excellent, btw, as is Karen Gillan.
  • My first issue of Enlightenment!
  • Started doing layout for Enlightenment. Still working on first issue, many things have conspired against me. I swear, though, I will have this issue done over the weekend!
  • Had a huge panic over my external drive (the TARDIS) but managed to rescue it *phew*

So now you're all caught up, without having to read months of posts! I'll try to keep this more up-to-date...

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