Sunday, October 17, 2010

That’s it

Brenda and Eric are married! It was a very nice wedding and the reception was too — I only knew a few people, but everyone was lovely and the reception was held at a high-end billiards place near King and Dufferin, great atmosphere. No pictures (can’t find my files!) but I did make a nice card for them.

Of course, we came home to find the yellow Mitsubishi douchebag parked in my spot again, that’s three times. I’ve left notes, I’ve informed the office. He’s got a blank parking permit stuck in his window, which the office doesn’t give out without filling in the license plate of the car, so how did they get it? I’ve had him ticketed.

You know, I’m really getting sick of this, I’ve been walked all over so many times this year I’m kind of at the end of my tether. Be careful, world, I’m ready to snap...

Update: Sat Oct 23

So guess what happened yesterday. Yep, the yellow Mitsubishi douchebag was back! And this time he’d peeled back his pilfered parking permit and wrote his own license plate number and MY PARKING SPOT NUMBER in it! I’d been nice, but that was it. I called the fine folks at City of Toronto Parking Enforcement to come and give him a worse ticket — could have had him towed too, but in the end I thought it best to not tempt the driver into keying the Boy’s car next time he’s over.

Anyway, the cop ticketed him for not only a parking violation, but for forging a parking permit — and told me the car is registered to someone in the Niagara region. That’s right, they don’t even live here.

Which brings us to today. Sarah came by so we could go for lunch, and just out of curiosity I had her drive us past the back lot — where I saw the YMD pulling out of my spot! “Follow that car!!!” I yelled… though we only had to follow them to the front of the building. Seems they finally got the hint. We followed them in and parked, and I got out of the car and went up to the driver to politely tell him he’d been parking in my spot for weeks and causing a lot of issues, and that there was perfectly good visitor parking right here, you know, where he was right now. “It’s okay, I’ve moved” is all he would say, no apology. Fucker. That’s okay, I hope the tickets got him in huge trouble and made his insurance skyrocket or something.

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