Friday, June 22, 2012

GO Transit schedule fail.

It’s 6pm and I’m sitting at Union Station waiting for my train. It’s not the train I wanted but it’s the train I’m stuck with. 

See, the Niagara Falls Excursion Train starts this weekend - every Friday, Saturday and Sunday until September, GO Transit runs a train out there for half the price of the VIA train. Why they don’t run one all week all year I don’t know, as a commuter train it would make a killing. Anyway, I went to the website to check the schedule grid and it said my train would go at 6:20, a bit late but no transferring onto a bus, which I HATE.

Today, being a Friday in the summer, I was able to leave work at 4 - but, since the schedule said I’d have to wait over 2 hours anyway, I stayed at work until 5 catching up on a few things. Came down to the station - still over an hour to go, so I browsed a magazine rack for a while. 

5:40 and I still hadn’t seen Niagara Falls pop up on the departure screen so I pulled my printed schedule out - yep, there it was, but not on the board. What gives? 

Found a GO Transit worker, who informed me witha smile that the excursion train doesn’t start until Saturday. WTF? Why would they do that? It doesn’t make sense! And it didn’t say anything on the schedule about not running on the first Friday.

So I have to take a train to Burlington. And then transfer onto a fucking bus. Of course, if I had known this, oh, 10 minutes earlier, I could have taken the train that just left and get an earlier transfer bus. Or I could have taken a VIA train. Or a Coach Canada bus. Or just gone home and tried again tomorrow...

[later] It’s 6:20 and I’m on a bit earlier train - I’ll still have to sit and wait in Burlington for the bus, but the way my day’s going if I had taken the other train there would have been some huge delay and I’d have missed that bus too. 

You know, every so often - maybe once every three years or so - I think I should just get my licence, pay the exorbitant insurance, parking, petrol and lease rates, just to not be at the mercy of shit like this...

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