Monday, August 05, 2013


Jake in Killarney 2009 (mine)
So less than an hour after hearing the Peter Capaldi news, my excitement was completely dampened by awful news.

I was at an emergency Vet visit with T's awesome kitty Jake. Jake hadn't been doing so hot the past few weeks, he'd gotten an infection after scratching himself and had been avoiding his food; T had taken him to his regular Vet office in Toronto and they'd given Jake an antibiotic shot to fight off the infection and something topical to help the scratch heal. Jake seemed to be getting a bit better, was eating a bit again, so we thought our cottage trip would still be on - after all, both Jake and his sister Mocha really loved it up there, the drive was nothing to them because they knew they'd be able to romp around the grass and show those chipmunks who was really in charge.

Jake in Killarney 2007 (mine)
Well, we got up here on Thursday afternoon, and he seemed a bit better, ate something and seemed happier, though a bit skinnier. Mocha even seemed to be more cuddly with him than usual, like she knew he was feeling delicate and needed love.

After a few days of him looking a bit shaky and deciding again not to eat, it was looking grim - we called around and found a Vet office that had emergency hours for the long weekend, and decided if he wasn't eating on Sunday we were taking him in. Which is what happened - we left Mocha in charge of the cottage while we did the two hour trip into town with Jake.

T is very devoted to his kitties, and Jake was his favourite little guy, Jake followed him around like a puppy all the time, it was adorable, so of course he was very nervous that we were going to find out something awful, and so did I - I've always felt he was a little bit my kitty too.

So the Vet and her assistant examined Jake thoroughly, during which he was very calm and made them fall in love with him, and then they took some blood and took it away for examination. We stayed in the room with Jake so he wouldn't be scared - it was a long wait, we weren't the only people in that day with pet problems.

T and Jake in Killarney 2007 (mine)
When the Vet came back you could see it on her face: Jake was a very ill kitty indeed. Very ill. Not in pain, but almost every single thing they could test in his blood came back through the floor - she determined he had FIV and it was now full-blown, and there was no treatment that would cure him or even slow the progress, he'd only get worse and there was nothing to be done. She left us while T weighed his options - which was really only one option. I left the two of them alone for a while and went outside to the benches in the sun and sobbed, this was so unfair, he was such a good little man.

When I came back in they were getting the 'saying goodbye' room ready for Jake, T asked me to stay with the two of them as Jake loved me just as much as I loved him. It was so hard. They brought him in with a little purple bandage on his arm where they'd already put in a catheter and left us alone to cuddle him a bunch, then came back for the procedure.

Which was quiet and quick and just awful for T - and me too - but the best possible outcome for Jake.

Action Jake, Killarney 2006 (mine)
So the rest of the day was kind of a wash, and we drank pretty heavily lastnight to his memory, and hung his collar up on the wall where everyone can see it. Mocha was restless all evening and still is, I think she knows he's not coming back but keeps looking for him, just in case. She's become more affectionate too, like she realizes we all need it.

So not the best cottage visit ever, no. But better here than home - the morning before we took him in to the Vet we took him for a little walk on the lawn so he could have some fresh air, and the sun was shining and the grasshoppers were jumping, so hopefully he has taken that with him.

Goodbye Jake.

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