Monday, March 10, 2014

Cranium bouncers

No, not bouncers that keep unwanted guests out of your head (although I must use that sometime) - no, these are just random thoughts that have been careening around my noggin today.

I've been irritated recently - and at the top of the list is that  had to take the computer in for repairs on Saturday, and I won't get it back until at least Wednesday, and that's if they have the right hard drives in store - if they don't, it'll be a couple of weeks. Luckily I have my iPad and wifi access, but it's really not the same. Oh, sweet iMplement, save me from myself!

I put up my new dart board last Saturday and I've spent the last week practicing off and on, not sure if I'm getting any better but I did hit a lot more 60s than usual this week, so maybe tomorrow I'll have a good showing on dart night. Not holding my breath on that though. The Boy has already been warned that he's not allowed to throw stupidly, as I don't want my walls, door and floor messed up :) It's been a pretty good distraction for my lack of computer, but not perfect...

My sense of injustice has always been pretty strong, but the number of people who have been pushing that button lately may have hit an all-time high this week. Work people, ex-friends... Seriously, I feel like the older I get the closer I get to turning into my grandmother - I loved her, but she had a way of just saying whatever was on her mind and not caring about the fallout. I feel like I've turned into Jeannie Bueller, remember how upset she always was that her brother Ferris got away with everything all the time?

Oh, and it's my 13 year anniversary with my firm today, or last Wednesday, depending on how you count it.

Damn, this has been a long winter, so cold and bitter. Or is that me? Is it over yet?

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