Sunday, May 18, 2014

Movies by year: 1985

(Hey you, yes you! Spoilers!)

Quite a mixed bag in terms of movies in 1985. On the lighter side there was The Breakfast Club (no detention was ever this fun, I'm sure) and Real Genius (I was so disappointed that this bore no relation to actual University) and Young Sherlock Holmes had really cool effects and a fun story. Silverado was a bit more serious, with a great cast including a very young Kevin Costner. Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome was a massive hit, I loved the way the kids' language had devolved. And then there was The Color Purple, which even made my Mum cry.

I'm more for the light-hearted though, so my choice is:


In a nutshell: Colonel Mustard, Miss Scarlet, Mrs. White, Mrs. Peacock, Professor Plum and Mr. Green are all invited to a great big house in the middle of nowhere and find out they're all being blackmailed by the same person - Mr. Boddy. Who then ends up dead, and they have to figure out who did it, and where, and with what. The only other people in the house are the butler, the maid and the cook - but the numbers start to dwindle and soon it's complete chaos.

This movie is fantastic. Seriously. There are wonderful moments of awkward silences that I just don't think you could get away with now. Plum is lecherous, Scarlett is hott, White is stiff, Mustard is overcompensatory, Peacock is a nervous chatterbox and Green keeps telling us "I didn't do it!" The bodies pile up, but who do we believe? Of course, there are three possible endings, so you may be right.

This is a great homage to the fantastic send-up of detective movies, Murder By Death. The cast is superb and the dialogue is hilarious. I will always remember this movie whenever I hear Sh-Boom, whenever monkey's brains are mentioned or whenever I see Tim Curry's walk. Sorry, strut - that man doesn't know how to just walk.

Have you seen Clue? Did you like it? Did you play the board game growing up?

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