Friday, November 21, 2014

Quick thoughts on Interstellar

Went to see it on the IMAX screen with T and my Work Wife. Briefly, here are some thoughts (a few minor spoilers on cast and plot, be warned):

  • Visually stunning. Seriously, just gorgeous. Glad we went to the massive screen. Although, on that topic, I really despise the 'reserve your seat' thing with the IMAX - surely good seats are your reward for showing up early...
  • Well acted on all sides. John Lithgow somehow manages to project the entire history of the family just in the weary way he speaks to Matthew McConaughey on the front porch.
  • Lots of surprise cast members. Avoiding spoilers meant I also avoided casting choices. Topher Grace? Bill Irwin? William Devane? Wes Bentley? Casey Affleck? MATT DAMON? Lots of fun celebrity-spotting, but at the same time none of them were distracting for who they were.
  • Loved the visualization of the wormhole. Really gorgeous, shades of 2001: A Space Odyssey of course. Best way to show a 3D hole.
  • Had to just accept a lot of things but I’m good that way so it wasn't such a stretch. They didn't spend a lot of time explaining why the Earth was going to hell, just the fact of it. Liked the idea that, to keep up morale, the moon landings were considered a hoax, nice touch.
  • Felt like about six different movies at the same time. Family drama leads to ghost story leads to conspiracy theory leads to space exploration leads to attempted murder leads to time travel? Bring it on!
  • HATED the sound mix. Fuck you Nolan, I missed a chunk of dialogue before I realized if I stuck my fingers in my ears when it was loud and there was dialogue I’d be able to make it out. Seriously, it's one thing to say 'the first release will only go to theatres with actual film projectors' (which, btw, I could HEAR when there wasn't incidental music or sounds happening, so that was irritating) and another entirely to say 'I'm gonna make the incidental sounds drown out all the dialogue unless you happen to be in a theatre with perfect sound.' An IMAX theatre has some awesome sound already so it shouldn't have been a problem, but it was anyway. Better fix that for the home release Nolan, otherwise no one will buy it.
  • Obvious influences all over it, especially 2001 as mentioned before.
  • The McConaissance continues. Seriously, I could watch him forever.

Have you seen it? What did you think?

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