Sunday, October 01, 2017

JFL42 2017

JFL42 is over and I loved it. But man, am I tired! Next year I'm taking the time off! Of the 10 days, one day I didn't see anything and one day I only saw one show - and I went to a tiny concert in the middle - and yet I still was able to see 24 shows, 38 separate performers and presenters.

Favourites going in: Gina Yashere , Rhys Darby, Jack Whitehall
New favourites: Ali Siddiq and Sarah Hennessey
Need to see more: W. Kamau Bell and Hari Kondabolu
Don't need to see again: Foad (he's just not for me)
WTF moment: Todd Barry (even though his tour is called Crowd Work, I didn't realize he might pick on me - it got awkward really fast)

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Four months on.

I just looked up from my work and noticed the date. Four months ago today, my Mum passed away.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Tarot/divination 'want it' list

Just a central list so I can get at it when I need to. Not sure I actually WANT all of these, but I find them interesting anyway.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Edith Investigates

Edward sat in his usual chair, the high-backed leather one near the fireplace. He wore his slippers, and on the occasional table at his elbow sat a steaming cup of tea. A biscuit, not yet dunked, occupied a small plate beside it. He held the evening’s paper, engrossed in the front-page story.

“Edith, they’re at it again,” he proclaimed to his wife, who sat opposite him in a smaller brocade chair, working on a cross-stitched sampler by the light of a small lamp. “That lot around the corner on Paternoster Row, mixed up in that business.”

“Heavens,” said Edith distractedly, as she chose another thread from her sewing box, “what did they do this time?”