Saturday, December 31, 2005

Posts from beyond: 2005

January 2005
Look at that, another new year! Well, I spent the beginning up in Kitchener, went out for an early birthday party with some friends and had great food (yay!). My dentist still likes my teeth, yay for me! I did a proper scrubbing of the aquarium and bought more fish - and promptly lost a bunch to a major die-off - including my pleco! Damn, the tank gets mucky fast now, grr... Got to visit in Kitchener again for a hot tub party (but I didn't go in, oh well) and had a stitch & bitch. Unfortunately, I also got bronchitis so I was sick for a while, on expensive medicines and had an 80-year-old man cough that annoyed my co-workers no end!
Lemony Snicket's A Series Of Unfortunate Events - I really liked it, but I don't think I'll have to own it.

Finding Neverland - this movie was just beautiful, and Johnny Depp with a Scottish accent, rowr!

National Treasure - I enjoyed the whole Sean Bean chasing Nicholas Cage thing, and I liked the 'secret lair' thingie, and it was less 'rah rah America's great' than I expected. Fun but not buyable.


Eddie Izzard: Definite Article, Unrepeatable, and Glorious, all birthday presents, all autographed! Woo hoo!

Kids In The Hall season 1

Formula 51

Of Unknown Origin



rainbow scarf - for me to keep this time

pigtail hat - this is awfully cute, my roommate says I look like a reject from a commune in it

started a jacket that's way too advanced for me

February 2005
Bronchitis finally went away, thankfully. A couple of Bowlies came in for a visit and I ended up out with them every single night, really late, so I was really tired for half the month afterwards. We went to Niagara Falls and Kitchener too, then out to pubs every night, and much imbibing happened *grin* I also met a local Bowlie I hadn't met before so that was really cool. Finally started back to the gym, but I'm easing myself into it. Went out for Panic Night at the end of the month and saw some friends I haven't seen in a long time, that was just great! But sadly, my DVD player passed away (with my Highlander disc still inside it). So research must be done...
Constantine - better than I expected actually - the only thing I really didn't like was that stupid gun *grin*

Millions - this was an early screening, it's out March 11, and I recommend it to everyone, so much fun!


Frank Zappa: You Are What You Is - I always loved this album, now I have it in a far more portable medium...


finished the baby blanket for my friends in North York

started an illusion scarf that is just sooo cool…

March 2005
I got Eats, Shoots & Leaves, what a fun book! Perfect for a desktop publisher. Oh, and also a VCR/DVD/Recorder! Man, I'm so poor now, but I'm so happy that I got it! Visited with friends in KW and had a pedicure and facial, so decadent, mmm... Also visited with my folks for Easter, that was nice, but I ended up with a nasty flu at some point. Getting very excited about the new Dr Who series!
Robots - I didn't have high expectations, but I enjoyed it, lots of laugh-out-loud spots
The Jacket - finally good to see Adrien Brody in a starring role (no, I didn't see that other one)


They Might Be Giants: Here Come The ABCs - yay, the alphabet's cool!

Broken Social Scene: You Forgot It In People - most excellent...

Peter Murphy: Unshattered - I'm waiting for it to grow on me, I just got it...

Wonderfalls - the complete series - finally! What is it with Fox that they have to cancel shows when they're too smart?

Millennium, Season 2 - Lance Henrikson has the coolest voice ever.

Shaun Of The Dead - yes, finally bought it. I mean, it's a movie pulled out of my head, I had to have it!

The Incredibles - way fun. And Jason Lee is so cool.
Signs - yes, I admit that I liked this one. So sue me.


still working on that illusion scarf

April 2005
Bowlie's back, yay! And then, another yay, the new series of Dr Who started - fantastic! Christopher Eccleston is fabulous, I really liked him before but now it's love *grin* For the premiere a bunch of us got together to watch it together and we were interviewed for The Hour about it. We said lots of intelligent things but most of it was cut out and then regurgitated later by the interviewer, but at least it was said.

Went up to Kitchener for another visit, which is always good. And guess what? For Staff Appreciation Day I got an iPod Shuffle!

Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy - twice!


The Postal Service: Give Up - words cannot express how fantastic this album is!

Camera Obscura: Underachievers, Please Try Harder - and I finally own it!

Touch and Go 2004 Sampler

Fueled By Ramen Spring 2005 Sampler


Lone Gunmen complete series

The Rutles 2: Can't Buy Me Lunch

West Wing Season Four

God, The Devil & Bob complete series


finished the illusion scarf - it's got alien faces in it, very cool

also a couple of quick small scarves I gave to friends

and three cozies for my new ipod shuffle, what a geek I am…

May 2005
Ah, Spring - it's time for my annual Weird Shit Happens To Heather spell - last year it was Benign Positional Vertigo, this year it's a Scintillating Scotoma. Fun. So I balanced that out with attending the Massive Thinker's Forum at the AGO - Dr David Suzuki spoke, this is the second time I've seen him, he's so engaging! Went to a small local amateur play, which was cool, and also went to Welland for another visit, and actually WON at the Bingo with my folks! (yes, I play bingo when I visit, but it's about the company so stop) Also went to Kitchener again for Victoria Day (geez, I'm there all the time!) for a housewarming party at my friend's fabulous new pad, I'm so jealous! And possibly the last ever Stolen Wine Social was just wonderful and it was great to be able to actually make it this time! Ended the month with drinks with my coworkers and picking up a Bowlie visitor...

Millions - a second time!


Interpol: Antics

Beggars Group Winter Sampler



The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou
: Criterion Edition

NewsRadio seasons 1 and 2


I made fingerless gloves with lacy gauntlets in rainbow colours! When will I wear them? I have no idea, but now I know how to make a thumbhole! 

Started a new Who-themed illusion scarf, which I will work on on-and-off for a while I think…

June 2005
Bowlie meetup, woo hoo! Met Pah2world, Rebecca, Escobar, Yubo, Quagga, Kevshindig and Emily, and more locals and ones I've met before came out - so in the end there were tons of us! We bombed around town, went out to the beaches, toured the island, saw Hidden Cameras at The Phoenix - excellent show, but the openers (Pony Da Look) were, um, feh - and now I'm contemplating visiting the UK... Back into the swing again, I went to Kitchener for a joint birthday party/baby shower, which was wonderful, and we had the best gelato! And again, off to Welland to visit the folks - and both my brothers showed up too! That's unheard of besides Xmas. And Barry was playing with a couple of cover bands at Sherkston Beach Resort - Solitary Man (Neil Diamond) and AbbaMania - and they were both really entertaining, much to my surprise! (don't get me wrong, Barry is always good, I just wasn't expecting to like the band)... had Pah2world over for the weekend again before he returned to the UK, spent that Saturday drinking and playing Trivial Pursuit *grin*. Pride day was fun as always, got swag which is always good. And the last news of the month: Jenn and Pete had their baby early! Aw...

Batman Begins - this was the BEST batman movie ever.
Star Wars Episode 3 - well, sucky dialogue but better story...


Cocteau Twins: BBC Sessions
Belle & Sebastian: Push Barman To Open Old Wounds

James Brown: The Payback
Sloan: A Sides Win

Cherry Poppin' Daddies: Zoot Suit Riot

Various: Jump Jive & Wail: The History of Swing!

Hidden Cameras: Mississauga Goddam

Death Cab For Cutie: Transatlanticism


Second Coming - this was a BBC two-part movie, it was really fantastic

Pulp Fiction collector's edition

Royal Tanenbaums: Criterion Edition

French Kiss - I will never apologize for loving this movie.
Waking Life

Red Dwarf seasons 1 and 2
- a present from my houseguest!

The Chronicles Of Riddick: Unrated Director's Cut


just continuing with the illusion scarf, not starting anything new I think

July 2005
So this month I finally got to meet all the babies my friends were having at Christmastime last year - Aidan, Braeden and Kiryn, three couples with three really cute additions! This year's deck party was great - less people, which means I got to actually visit with my guests and clean up as I went, but that doesn't mean it didn't go super late as per usual! Also decided it was time to get my eyes checked again, after that scintillating scotoma thing - turns out that not only was there no physical affect on my eyes, but my prescription is actually getting weaker, so I got new glasses! I completely love them. Also went to visit my folks for the long weekend, which was just great.

Hitchhiker's Guide - yes, AGAIN!

Fantastic Four - it was fun, not intelligent but fun, and I liked the casting actually
Charlie & The Chocolate Factory - Simply excellent!
War Of The Worlds - better than I expected actually, given it's a Spielberg/Cruise thing. I expected lots of schmaltz, but Spielberg managed to hold it in until the end and then it was just a little bit, and I was even able to get over what an insane lunatic Tom Cruise has become.


William Shatner's Has Been - really, it's quite good, Ben Folds produced it, give it a chance!


Young Sherlock Holmes - I refuse to apologize, I loved this flick

3rd Rock From The Sun season 1 - holy crap, was this ever funny! Watched the whole thing in one weekend!


Knitted a purse with a spiral shell design, it's cute, but I think I need to line it

Started making what the pattern is calling a 'dress' even though it just passes my butt, so I'm calling it a 'tunic' instead *grin*

August 2005
Well, this was interesting month - a surprise wedding! I made the invites and went to a beautiful service and reception for a former co-worker and great friend, finally met her fiance (well, husband now) and he's very sweet so it's okay he's totally stealing her away! *grin* Also my great-niece has turned one, I still have trouble believing it. Also went to Kitchener to visit with my friend's new little baby and everyone else up there, and also visited my folks again for my Dad's birthday, that was cool. And a friend of mine has moved back from the West coast so I got to visit with him as well, that was nice. Oh, and don't forget the CNE! ...well, you can if you like, it wasn't all that huge shakes this year, but I did get a few nice things! Went on a bit of a photo safari too, and I'm also rediscovering the joys of audiobooks - I've started the Harry Potter series, read by Jim Dale, and they are actually quite good.

Brothers Grimm - ah, now this is true Gilliam, I enjoyed it

Harry Potter Trilogy - they're good, I enjoyed them a lot so now I have them!

Firefly - damn, this series was excellent. Must have run on Fox, right? It was intelligent, amusing, well written, great cast, great effects, and cancelled after 8 episodes aired.
Little Britain Series 1 - oh man, if you haven't seen this yet you need to, it's so funny!

Do Not Adjust Your Set - a precursor to Monty Python, with Michael Palin, Eric Idle and Terry Jones
At Last The 1948 Show - another MP precursor, with John Cleese and Graham Chapman - "I am a gorilla!"


a little purse for Belinda's purseday!

another scarf using Baby Monkey yarn, sooooo soft…

September 2005
So it's September, I still think of it as the new year, doesn't matter how long I've been out of school. Started it off well with a five day trip to my friend's cottage up at Killarney park, which was really relaxing and cool - I got a wee bit of sunstroke on a daytrip to Little Current, but otherwise okay. When I came back I had to make up for being away of course with some late nights at work. Went to a baby shower for a good friend, more fun that you'd think these things are supposed to be. Went to the Clothing Show, which was mostly disappointing. My niece turned 20, which again is a shocker (her birthday also falls on International Talk Like A Pirate Day, arr!) - I have trouble believing this much time has passed since she crawled on the floor! What else, oh, Bauhaus is coming again! Got my tix for the November show, yay! Oh, and I'm a godmother! Yep, wee little Aaron is my godson! I got to babysit him for a few hours, and did my best not to take it personally when he had a terrible time, poor little guy Oh! And a mate of mine I haven't seen in like 15 years has tracked me down, very cool!

Transporter 2 - well, I don't think it was as good as the first one but it still kicked bottom. Jason Statham is a joy to watch - it's great when someone actually knows how to do all the martial arts moves in their movie rather than having a stand-in do it. The firehose scene had me howling!
Serenity - OH MY GOD that was really good, I'll be seeing it again for sure! Remember, Wash is a leaf on the wind...


Various: Uncle Yaris knows his tunes. - a giveaway at a show a friend went to

Tegan & Sara: So Jealous (Album Advance) - this is really fun

Kate Bush: Sensual World - to replace my vinyl

Kate Bush: Red Shoes - I really didn't like this when it came out but I'm liking it a lot more now

Millennium Season 3 - the final season!

Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy - yes, finally have it now...

Bridget Jones' Diary

Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason
- I refuse to apologize. I like 'em.


Teaching myself crocheting so I've made a couple more iPod shuffle cozies, and I can make granny squares now!

Finishing off that basketweave tunic, which of course is way too wide even though my gauge was right, so I need to do some surgery on it...

Crocheted a baby scarf for Aaron in purple and green and blue and white, so soft…

October 2005
Started the month off right with Dead Can Dance, they played Massey Hall - fantastic! My heart was fluttery for days after the show. The venue's way too expensive, but it really is a great place to see a band, the acoustics are great. Thanksgiving weekend I took a couple of extra days off so I could spend time with everyone - saw Into The Woods in Stratford, and I'm such a sap I wept for the entire first act, I just love it so much! Then I went to my folks' place for some relaxation and visiting. Took a trip into Niagara Falls to the outlet mall and to Frank's Tomato Pie (best food in the Falls), bought some fabulous new shoes I didn't really need, among other things *grin*. Went bowling with my Dad too, and sucked royally. Caught up with some friends I used to work with, that was fun, went to the Needlework Festival (but held myself back, only bought a few things), had a good report from my dentist (so treated myself to a new suit!), saw my doctor and had bloodwork done (from the hand, gah!), helped out with a really big work event... actually, there's been a lot of overtime at work lately, getting tired! My Mother's birthday was this month too, didn't get to see her for it but sent her flowers anyway, she likes that. Oh, a friend of mine hosted us at his house over the Hallowe'en weekend for hottubbing and drinking, and that was really a great time. Oh, and Aaron's baptism! I had godmothery duties, so I got to see my favourite little man again, aaaw...
Serenity - yes, again! It's wonderful!

A History Of Violence - this was quite good, very Cronenberg - and William Hurt steals the movie...

Dog Soldiers - this was really cool, much more than you'd expect from the premise - and also had Sean Pertwee in it, and he not only looks EXACTLY like his father, but is also quite a good performer.
Muppet Show first season - that's right, and it's great!
American Gothic, entire series - well it's about TIME!!!
3rd Rock From The Sun: Season 2 - of course

Phil The Alien - I really wanted to see this one in the theatre, but it disappeared too quickly!
X-Files: Fight The Future - it was cheap and I only had it on video

Hilarious House Of Frightenstein, Volume 1 - YES!!! Depending on sales, they'll release more later... Ah, Billy Van...


Made a second stripey scarf for Aaron, it's bumpy and curly and long, and then a granny square scarf for him in bright cotton, this was fun!

Also made a granny square baby blanket for my friend at work who is expecting in November, turned out really nicely.

November 2005
Wow, what a busy month!
My parents' anniversary was this month, Dad apparently got Mum something really nice, good for him. Saw someone I haven't seen in a decade at this month's Who Pub, nice to catch up with her. Stayed really late this month too, had a good time, visited with everyone, and got home stupid late.

I'm thinking about getting a webcam, but being on a mac limits what I can get. iSight is sooo expensive, but really nice, but it won't work for MSN, grr. Of course, MSN on the mac sucks donkey, so I'm not quite sure what to do about this. I've tried aMSN and Mercury as well, and they're okay but I suspect they've done something to my confuser - because Jody replaced my hard drive for me but since installing these I crash EVEN MORE and in really scary ways, like my whole screen turns into an overlaid DOS shell! Damn, macs are so much more stable than PCs so this must be something REALLY SERIOUS!

Went to the Body Worlds exhibit at the Science Centre for a friend's birthday, it was so intensely cool! The lungs were my favourite I think - if that doesn't make you not smoke, nothing will stop you!

Bauhaus came to town! Yes, I saw them, how could I not? It was fantastic! I went by myself, but didn't end up that way - so many friends were also there that I spent the evening in their company, enjoying Peter and the boys. Got a bizarre compliment from a bartender too, which was all good.

A friend of mine is in the hospital - managed to get one visit in with her this month. She's basically bedridden for the next little while as her pregnancy isn't going very well, if I was a praying person I'd be praying for her. Also had dinner with someone I haven't seen in months, so that was really nice.

Bad Wolf One - I participated in the Dr Who Mastermind tournament - I chose Interference Books 1&2 as my subject, and I totally rocked that section, but I got a PERFECT ZERO in the general knowledge section, much to the amusement of everyone! Glad to be of service, folks! That night I went to Savage Garden - YES - for the first time in forever, to celebrate Alana's birthday, and had a grand time.

I've gone to see the doctor again. This hormonal thing is annoying. Enough already.

Kitchener visit again - very nice, went for lunch in St Jacob's, dinner at Jane Bond and a birthday party! Also it looks like I may have a scarf to make for Kathy, if I can ever get the time. My co-worker had her baby, Maia Serena is doing quite well! Oh, and I officially started my Xmas shopping.

Harry Potter & The Goblet Of Fire - I enjoyed it, but I felt like they left so much out, now that I've read (well, heard) the books!


Franz Ferdinand: You Could Have Had It So Much Better… - a pretty good follow-up

Modest Mouse: Good News For People Who Like Bad News

Tegan & Sara: This Business Of Art - hmm, not as good as So Jealous
This Mortal Coil: Filigree & Shadow - now I have the complete set!

Belle & Sebastian: Dear Catastrophe Waitress
Kate Bush: Never for Ever

Kate Bush: The Dreaming
Kate Bush: Aerial - her first in twelve years! So far so good...

The Machinist

- I liked everything except the STUPID GUN


Taught one friend to knit and another to crochet while babysitting, and made a really cool fat scarf from Bigga yarn, also started a vegan fox stole *grin*
Also crocheted a party scarf for Tanya for her birthday.
Finished my tardis illusion scarf finally - well really, it was done in the summer, but I needed to finish the ends, etc.

December 2005
Good Who pub this month - but next month's falls on my birthday, yay! The staff holiday party this year was cool, we had it at the Distillery instead of in Yorkville so we all just walked over from my house after drinking and relaxing a bit, and I stayed really late, dancing like a maniac. I've finally gotten over the whole not-being-able-to-dance-to-music-I-don't-actuallly-like thing, I think I'll be happier for it! Then came the Brown's Xmas party, which was just as fabulous as ever, and resulted in getting home VERY late, again *grin* Follow that with our department lunch and this has been a party-atmosphere of a December! But it's been busy at work too.

Xmas came up fast, got to visit with local friends and those in from Seattle and Vancouver, and watched Dr Who Christmas Invasion, which was just so cool! I now have good feelings about David Tennant in the role. Went bowling with Dad and did mostly okay, to my own surprise, although I ached all over after! I spent New Year's Eve up in Kitchener at two different house parties, which were both entertaining in totally different ways!

My hospital-bound friend had her baby! They're both fine, and NOT ALLOWED TO SCARE ME anymore!
The Chronicles Of Narnia - looked really good, and more British-looking children there has never been!

King Kong - Dad and I went to see this one, great effects, REALLY long!


Abba: Gold - yes, you heard right. Turns out I actually like them.

Dead Can Dance: double live disc from Toronto show - oooooooh!

Xmas cds - The Rat Pack, Plugged In For The Holidays, and the Sunrise collection

Kate Bush: Hounds Of Love - to replace my cassette, finally!

Ren & Stimpy, vol. 1 - Xmas present

Lateline: Complete Series

Creature Comforts
first season - considered giving it away, decided to keep it *grin*

Brothers Grimm - Xmas present

Same Guys, Different Dresses - video diary of Kids In The Hall tour


I made two iPod Shuffle cozies for Nancy for Xmas and a wee little purse for a purseday present, and a ribbed scarf for Secret Santa at work.
Finished the Fox Stole, it's so cute!
Also started a beginner cable project, a scarf/hat/mitten combination.

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