Sunday, March 26, 2006

Wine & Cheesey goodness

I should mention that the weekend didn't start with wine & cheese - it started with a Syphillitic Johnny Depp. Yes, Todd and I saw The Libertine on Friday. Good thing we're not dating, 'cos that is SO NOT a date movie. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it, but it wasn't comfortable at all. Especially in the first 45 minutes. Worth seeing though!

Okay, the Wine & Cheese - it was good, we were a group of 14, and many of us got smashed right away - which is just silly really, but ah, the liqueurs! I think I had about 15 shots worth of drinks in about four hours, so really no wonder - but then I'd had enough, and four of us went back to the hotel and swam in the pool before having dinner - we were sober again before everyone else got back! And boy, were they hammered!

So when the hotel fire alarms went off after 2am I'm sure it was worse on them than it was on me (I don't get hangovers, have I mentioned that?) - rather than wait for the all clear and going back to our rooms, we grabbed everything and left - I was home by 4am. Sheesh.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Ah, yes, my precious...

The new iMac arrived today! To celebrate, Todd gave me a ride home and we went to see Night Watch - Russian vampire-ish flick, pretty cool. A little all over the place at times, a little bit of assumption that the audience knows what's going on, but enjoyable - and the first of three parts apparently.

Ah, new iMac...

No, I'm not on it at the moment, I need to transfer everything still...

...whatever shall I name it?

Sunday, March 19, 2006

A weekend in Kitchener

Yes, I was in Kitchener again this weekend. To be honest it's been a little while so no problem. It was Skinner's birthday so I knitted him a great scarf that ended up looking like a giant tiger, it was fantastic and I now have orders *grin* - spent that evening with his family, eating Trini food and playing crowfoot dominos until wee Aaron decided it was time to go - pretty long time actually!

Got lots of visiting in with other friends too, what with the brunching at Oscar's and the hottubbing at Shawn's. Yes, hottubbing outside in the snow, it was great!

Latest money hemmorage: a new suit and dresspants for work. Boring? Maybe, but I like 'em.

Still no iMac *sob* Meanwhile, attempting to back stuff up off the current tower is becoming excruciating, it keeps crashing on me! Oooh, you know it's bad when your Mac crashes...

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Where oh where?

Okay, where the hell is my new mac? On Friday they said they shipped it out, but it hasn't arrived at the local shipper. And day by day my current confuser gets worse and worse...

In other news, lastnight I saw the new version of The Hills Have Eyes - cool! Violence abounds! Gore! Deformities!

Things this movie taught me:

1) Never take shortcuts in the desert
2) Never sleep in the desert with headphones on
3) No matter how dead he looks, don't drop your gun
4) If your big guard dog runs off into the desert, just let him go
5) If the government tells you to vacate a mine, just do it

Oh, and last Friday I went to another stitch & bitch, this time with the Olympic group, lots of drinking and carousing! Really, honest, knitters can be rowdy...

Friday, March 10, 2006

My latest fancy stuff

I've crocheted a new scarf...

and created a new felted tote bag...

since my last post!

Actually the felting was fun - but I didn't knit it myself first, instead I went to a second-hand place and bought an old really itchy thick woolen sweater for $8.10 and demolished that instead - two runs through the wash and it was ready to be cut and stitched! Oh, and my sewing machine definitely couldn't deal with it so I had to hand-stitch it, but that was fun too!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

March - isn't it Spring yet?

Since the Olympic closing ceremonies, my knitting speed has decreased but not died. I have made a new scarf, bought SO MUCH YARN and picked up a shrug I had started before the Olympics. So there.

This week was the March Who pub - so also my monthly trip to Sonic Boom. Made out like a bandit again - Skinny Puppy (12" Anthology), Death Cab For Cutie (We Have The Facts & We're Voting Yes), Delgados (Hate), Negativland (No Business), Mono Puff (It's Fun To Steal), and a various collection (John Peel's Festive 15). I'm so glad I only go once a month, I already have too many CDs.

And I need to stop buying so much. My roommate is going to be moving out soon so I'll have to carry the place myself. Which isn't so bad really, I can afford it, but only if I stop spending money so quickly.

So of course I'm going to order a new iMac this week. Well really, it is a need even more than it is a want, so I don't feel badly about it. Just going to feel the sticker shock - it's gonna be over $2000 for the one I'm getting. But if you consider I haven't bought a computer since about 1997, and that I haven't bought a NEW computer EVER, this will be a good thing.

Now I need to stop obsessing over that Nokia phone
that's $700. Especially since I'm actually still happy with my current phone.

Lastnight I went to see Tristram Shandy: A Cock & Bull Story. This was one cool movie - a movie about making a movie of a book that you can't make a movie of. Right there, that's fun.