Saturday, October 14, 2006

UK Trip! Sun Sept 3/06

A trip to the Lake District!

It was quite a long drive, and at first I thought we'd end up in Penrith, which made me grin, but it was so worth it! The scenery is just gorgeous, green green fields and hills with stone walls going up and over and across everywhere, and twisty turny roads everywhere, smatterings of sheep, etc. It rained early, but it had cleared up by the time we got there - but that meant the grass was still wet, so I actually ended up slipping and landing on my butt really hard! First real injury of the trip, not bad!

But of course that meant I had a headache. And I later realized it had shook my stomach up quite a bit - and the twisty turny roads and hills didn't help, so we had to find a pub. Not the easiest thing in the middle of the Lakes, but we managed it after passing through two towns. Sat down, had some chips and a drink, and felt much better.

The drive back was nice too, we stopped a few times to take pictures of the heather on the hill and windmills and such, and got home around 6ish, and relaxed for the rest of the evening, what a great day!