Sunday, March 19, 2006

A weekend in Kitchener

Yes, I was in Kitchener again this weekend. To be honest it's been a little while so no problem. It was Skinner's birthday so I knitted him a great scarf that ended up looking like a giant tiger, it was fantastic and I now have orders *grin* - spent that evening with his family, eating Trini food and playing crowfoot dominos until wee Aaron decided it was time to go - pretty long time actually!

Got lots of visiting in with other friends too, what with the brunching at Oscar's and the hottubbing at Shawn's. Yes, hottubbing outside in the snow, it was great!

Latest money hemmorage: a new suit and dresspants for work. Boring? Maybe, but I like 'em.

Still no iMac *sob* Meanwhile, attempting to back stuff up off the current tower is becoming excruciating, it keeps crashing on me! Oooh, you know it's bad when your Mac crashes...

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