Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Where oh where?

Okay, where the hell is my new mac? On Friday they said they shipped it out, but it hasn't arrived at the local shipper. And day by day my current confuser gets worse and worse...

In other news, lastnight I saw the new version of The Hills Have Eyes - cool! Violence abounds! Gore! Deformities!

Things this movie taught me:

1) Never take shortcuts in the desert
2) Never sleep in the desert with headphones on
3) No matter how dead he looks, don't drop your gun
4) If your big guard dog runs off into the desert, just let him go
5) If the government tells you to vacate a mine, just do it

Oh, and last Friday I went to another stitch & bitch, this time with the Olympic group, lots of drinking and carousing! Really, honest, knitters can be rowdy...

1 comment:

  1. So jealous about the stitch & bitch. I'm going to have to come join you some Friday!

    Sorry about the puter...=(