Tuesday, April 25, 2006


I'm feeling melancholy, and it's as if my emotional state is having a direct effect on the weather patterns. Last week was all warmth and sunshine, but this week is far more tumultuous. The clouds seem furious and all the colours seem to have drained from the world.

Or perhaps the weather is having that effect on me instead - grey world = grey Koshka? More logical perhaps, but it doesn't seem as right.

I've always known I'm essentially B-Ark Material, and today has been highlighting that knowledge - I am run ragged, and yet I feel utterly useless.

I'm retreating into a little world of my own it seems, consisting of me, my knitting and The Metatron™. Through it I uncurl fronds to distant lands and dream of other places, other times, but instead of cheering me it's making me acknowledge all the things passing me by.

Gah, this is getting too morose. Must go shake myself loose.

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  1. (((((Koshka))))) Hopefully some retail therapy on Saturday will help.