Monday, April 10, 2006

Ice Cream profile

The Cardamom Addict pointed me towards this test. What kind of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream am I?

Apparently, I'm...

I scored 81% SWEET, 74% CHUNKY, and 81% UNIQUE!
chocolate ice cream with chocolate cookies & swirls of chocolate pudding ice cream

Apparently, I ooze sweetness, just like this ice cream flavor. But there's much more to me than that... I tend to view things differently than other people and I like to engage myself in creative, challenging activities. I'm spunky, but not too wild, which is nice. Those who understand me tend to get along with me very well, appreciating all that I have to offer... and I offer a lot :)

The Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Flavor Test written by weered1 on Ok Cupid, home of the 32-Type Dating Test

Fisherman's Cable ScarfLater

Oh, and you may be wondering where my knitting has gone to - don't worry, I'm still a maniac, it's just been so busy lately I haven't finished any projects to take pix of. I present evidence of my first real cable project, which is both easier and harder than I imagined. Easier, because once I got the error in the pattern sorted out it's easy enough to follow, and harder because I keep losing track of where I am in it and having to frog back!

Although I have to say I love the technique of slipping the first stitch in the row, the edges look great - I'm going to have to remember that for future projects!

On another note, my favourite discovery of this past weekend: Homestar Runner Podcasts of Strong Bad e-mails and Teen Girl Squad!


  1. Wow, you sure have gone to town on that cable pattern. It's really beautiful!

  2. Aw, thanks! It's taking forever though...