Saturday, April 22, 2006

It's wet out.

Yup, it's wet out there. Definitely spring. We had some really beautiful days this week, bright and sunny and really warm. Of course it cooled off yesterday and it's been raining off and on since lastnight. I should go out, I've been in the house all day, but it's so grim looking out that I'd rather stay in and vegetate.

Actually I've been pretty productive in the past few days - got a lot done on the scarf, did a bit of cleaning (not much of course), fixed a hole in a sweater, you know, around the house stuff.

Also dove into the Dr Who audios again - listened to Neverland, Zagreus and Scherzo in the past few days, phew! It has left me somewhat drained, they're especially emotional stories with lots of anguish.

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