Saturday, April 08, 2006

To Lunch or Not To Lunch?

I had a meeting over lunch hour on Friday. Lunch meetings suck, did you know that? Really. Not that I don't like having food with a meeting if it's over lunch hour - it's just that, for me, the important part of Lunch Break is the Break part, I like to get away for an hour and not think about work. I can stay super late if I get a break in the middle.

So anyway, I spent lastnight setting up my flickr account (there's a link on the right side of the blog) and semi-populating it. Apparently there's a limit to how many you can upload in any given month so I've only put up a few things really. Also spent some time populating my iPhoto and organizing it - I had NO IDEA I had so many photos on The Metatron™! Took forever - but it was good, I forgot I had lots of those shots.

So today my recent ex-roomie came over for a visit with his boyfriend, I was so happy to see them! I told the girls at work that I'll probably see more of J now that he doesn't live here, and it's already true *grin*.

Went for Dim Sum with a bunch of folks, only two of which I knew, but that was really nice actually, I liked everyone a lot and, even though I didn't eat too much, I liked what we had for the most part, so all good there.

And since I have no self-control, I went up to Futureshop and bought Space: Above And Beyond! Well, that's a lie really - it finally came out in the fall and I've put it off buying it until now, so maybe I am learning some restraint...

I've spent the evening listening to The Ceremony Of Innocence, the interactive CD-ROM of the first three of Nick Bantock's correspondence books. Not actually playing it, mind, as I need Classic to play it, but listening to the individual entries from Griffin and Sabine. I've been going through withdrawl for a while for it actually, I think it might be four or five years since I've gone back to it.

Aaaah, it was wonderful. Really, Paul McGann and Isabella Rossellini are two of my favourite ever people, and I could listen to Paul's voice for eternity (you all know my opinion of the man, right?). But it really makes me realize that I just don't write like I once aspired to.

I once wrote letters that were long and effusive, I had a journal to keep track of who I sent letters to and when, so I wouldn't keep telling them the same things over and over again, and I was known for it. And now? E-mail. And it's never anything exciting either. In my defence I have to say that the last missives I sent off either never arrived at their destinations or were diverted for months before finally finding their homes (which makes me quite upset and frustrated with Canada Post, to be honest).

I'm not sure what I should do about this. *sigh*

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