Monday, April 03, 2006

A weekend of accomplishment

First of all, I named the new iMac this week - it shall be known as The Metatron™ for now, unless that name grates on me...

Okay, Friday we saw Thank You For Smoking - this movie must be seen, it was great! The lesson is that it's not the person who is right who wins, it's the person who argues the best. I've always known that, but it was nice to see the vindication *grin*

And I finally did the co-op newsletter - for the first time since September! Wow, slack no more, me, I'm gettin' pink again!

Saturday was moving day for Jody, he's in a new place now but it's not too far away so I'll still be able to visit with him and stuff - might see him more now than when we lived together really! And I managed to get everything finally transferred over to the Metatron, yay!

So, feeling all accomplishy, I started my HUGE project of rescuing things off the slowly deteriorating VHS tapes in the racks upstairs - first disc done! Doctor Doctor, The John Larroquette Show and Flying Blind are all (relatively) safe...

Oh, and I went to my first members' meeting in almost a year, lookit me!

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