Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Celeb spotting, Toronto-style

Living in Toronto you tend to see famous or quasi-famous people all the time. Even at my office I see famous-ish people, since we have an entertainment practice. And living downtown, in prime filming central, it's a wonder I don't trip over them all.

Today's sighting: Rick Green, not five minutes from my house! Seemed to be a very friendly person, he was talking with a couple of people on a corner.

What do you mean, you don't know who that is? Remember The Frantics? Their show, 4 On The Floor? Rick, Peter Wildman, Dan Redican and Paul Chato cracked everyone up when they were on the air, wow, was it 20 years ago? Tai Quan Leap, Mr Canoehead and a Piece of Pie? Nevermind.

Okay, how about Prisoners of Gravity, great comics/sci fi show Space used to play? No?

What about History Bites? Great show, still on the air, would have been great to have it back in grade school, I would have remembered my history lessons a lot better. Hmm, no?

Alright, The Red Green Show! You've all seen that - remember Adventures With Bill? That's him!

I actually worked with Paul Chato's wife for a month when I first started desktop publishing straight out of school, that's the closest I've ever come to any of the Frantics *grin*

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