Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's Day

I went to my folks' place for Mother's Day! Got my Mum a nice new spring jacket, bright green with navy accents - and it's like a puzzle, all kinds of pockets and things that zip off and velcro on and button in, she's happy *grin*

I got a DVD of music videos from Sub-Pop records this week, Acquired Taste - it's got stuff like Postal Service and Iron & Wine and Sleater-Kinney on it, nice for background I think. Maybe I'll run it when I finally have my deck party, whenever that's gonna happen.

Dad also gave me the Stewie Griffin DVD, which was fun - it's got an uncensored version! And that's just not enough, no, I got the Bourne Supremacy too. But it didn't cost much so that's okay.

My home visit was nice actually, we didn't do too much - I didn't call anyone while I was home though, I probably should have but I was enjoying doing absolutely nothing.

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