Tuesday, November 14, 2006

And so we catch up!

Okay, so now that's done... what, exactly, have I been up to?

Well, August was a bit of a whirlwind, I took cM to see Spamalot as a late birthday present, visited my doctor and my dentist, reaffirmed my fondness of kissing *grin*, went to see The Descent (oh man, that was spooky - well, same director as Dog Soldiers, so only to be expected - my heart didn't calm down until I'd been home for two hours!), and had drinks with friends, some old and some new, until the wee hours. Of course, I came down with something just before leaving on vacation, but I fought it!

Then came September - after I got back from vacation, I found out that the temp that was in covering for me didn't work out (in fact, she had to go after only a few days) so there was lots for me to do (and, in fact, it hasn't slowed down since, I'm exhausted!). But that didn't keep me from being a bit more social! Had a great Tavern the very next night, no rest for me! Went to a fun housewarming party, visited the ROM with a new friend, went on a bit of a camera safari with S, bought a new printer and an old tape deck and iron (yay, I can finally iron things!), went to the Clothing Show (new t-shirts and shoes for me!), went to see Crank with T - which was SO MUCH FUN! One big goofy adrenaline rush! I love Jason Statham... um, what else? Oh, my grandmother turned 90 on October 1 so I went to see her and some other relatives for a few hours, that was a nice visit.

Which brings us to October - the month of me not having the house to myself! PK came to visit from London for a week, completely on the QT, we didn't tell any of the Tavern folk he was here, he just showed up, it was hilarious! We went over to the island his first day here and wandered around, and I took a day off work and we went to Niagara Falls, which was really cool. We saw The Illusionist, which was really cool - Ed Norton just rocks, period - and then went to see my brothers play (they rock as well - every Wednesday at the Unicorn, folks!). Topped it off with a trip up the CN Tower, and of course we *tried* to see Sloan but the show was postponed.

Is that enough? Nope, 'cos then it was thanksgiving and I was in Welland visiting my folks, which was a nice couple of days just lazing about *phew* - but not for long, 'cos as soon as I got back I had EC in visiting from London as well for a week! We went to see Regina Spektor, what an excellent show! Only Son opened, and he was fun too. I decided I needed to have darts again, so I bought some and we played a couple of nights, and I must say my luck is improving (not my aim of course)... Went to see Man Of The Year (pretty good), had brunch with Xef, went up the tower again, went out to Neu+ral with Xog (very cool, must do that again), visited with J* and cM and eBaby and QoWP, and had a final lunch before he had to go - overall a nice visit!

In the middle of all that, I started a digital photography course with my coworker SS, which has been cool but a bit hit-and-miss as I know lots of the things our teacher's telling us. But I've decided I need to buy a new camera, the low-light performance of my current one is driving me nuts and the battery door is chipped anyway, so I'm researching...

Let's see, what else? Got together for late-night drinks with some friends, hassled some camels at the zoo, wandered through an old graveyard, had lunch with an out of town friend, went to see The Prestige with T (also good, but of the two I think I liked The Illusionist better - although it should be pointed out that any movie with Nicola Tesla as a character automatically gains coolness points with me), went to Kitchener to visit with everyone there and see M&N's new house (which has the coolest attic space ever, it should never ever have furniture in it!), went to Aberfoyle and bought a bunch of zinc printing plates with insects on them (yeah, I know, but I like 'em), went to a friend's engagement party (which was really nice, go them!)

Oh, and I finally got to see a specialist. She had them take blood from me for 11 different tests and I still have to go into a clinic for an 8am bleeding *grin* to top it off, but I haven't been able to shift myself early enough...

Which brings us to November! I've been stuck in the office quite a bit this month - I've made it to Tavern of course, and saw some faces I haven't seen in a long time, and went on a fun photo safari with S over to the Brickworks, and my ex-roomie and his bf hosted a Guy Fawkes party that was quite cool - but of course I've come down with something again! This time it's been really nasty too, I'm just getting better now but I spent a whole week feeling like death. This past weekend I went to a very relaxed birthday party and made banoffee pie (mmmm!)

See? Now we're all caught up...

...or are we? See, I've been sort of seeing a friend of mine now for about a month, it's been nice. Not sure how serious it is yet, but I'm enjoying it, we have odd things in common and we like slouching together on the couch watching BBC stuff so it's all good.

Oh, and photos of the touring about with PK and EC can be found on my flickr page, link on the right-hand side there - those flying pix, see 'em?

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