Friday, November 17, 2006


So I'm taking an introduction to digital photography course with my co-worker SS. Last week our class was cancelled as our instructor was off sick, and the week before that we spent the whole class learning how to get pictures off our cameras and into the computer. So basically I was falling asleep for the whole class, as this is something I've known how to do since about five minutes after getting my camera. Anyway, this week we reviewed that (*yawn*) and then talked about how to do basic manipulation of the pix in Photoshop (again, *yawn*), so that's four hours I'll never get back. I think next week I'll ask her right away what we're going to be learning, because being there for two hours to be shown how to do really basic stuff I can already do is just a waste of my time. At the beginning the class was good, I was learning stuff I didn't know before about composition and technical stuff, but at this point I'm feeling like I either need a more advanced course or none at all.

After class L and I went out with a selection of the Kitchener Contingent - $3.50 chocolate martinis at Wide Open and boogying at Velvet Underground! If I hadn't broken out in hives, we could have stayed very late, but as it was we left at 12:30, ah well.

So I've been quite tired at work today, but at least I got one good thing - we had a United Way bake & book sale so I bought Léon The Professional on DVD for $1!

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