Monday, December 11, 2006

HTAD, and others

Oh man, what a week!

Thursday was our firm holiday party - and damn, I looked good! Seriously, I did! Blue crushed velvet dress with plenty of flounce to the skirt and a fair bit of cleavage *grin* - and then I went to Tavern afterwards and shocked everyone by being better dressed than them all! I even got stares from strangers at a booth - but I'm pretty sure that was the cleavage *grin* - a couple of friends were out who I hadn't seen in a while too, really nice to see them. But I have to say, that was a freakin' cold night! I know that's what I should be expecting at this time of year, but really it's just way too cold when we've had such warm days, we're not ready for it!

Friday I made it a half-day and left work at 1 - L and I drove up to KW for Antheras' birthday dinner, which was really nice, so good to see everyone again! It'd been way too long. Got lots of cuddles in with Mr Pants of course.

S decided Saturday would be a Hot Tub Appreciation Day, so five of us lazed in the hot steamy water with ice all around us and drinks in our hands while S stood on the deck and hosted *grin* and then we all went in, dried off, drank more and watched movies - Over The Hedge (which was actually fun, The Shatner stole it too) and the new Omen (I hadn't seen the old one yet - I know, I know - so I have nothing to compare it to, but it was good I suppose).

And then on Sunday we went to Oscar's. Oh, and I bought new winter boots. And a new blouse and necklace and winter coat and socks. Ahem. L and I had to leave relatively early though, I was supposed to be taking Antheras to see Ron James but she was sick so L came with me instead - funny guy, good show!

rescued from Draft purgatory

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