Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

Good lord, time’s got away with me again! Happy new year all, by the way! So, since we saw each other last, what’s happened?

Well, I renewed my passport so I’d be ready for Los Angeles in February (quick tip: fill out your forms online, print them and bring them – they’ll give you a special turbo number that’ll get you out in fifteen minutes!) and it’s since arrived in the mail, so I’m all set! I don’t mind the photo either, they print them directly on now rather than laminating them in, so it’s harder to forge I suppose – they really made my head BIG though!

Went home for the holidays, which was nice – got to see my family and some friends from near and far and L came home for a few days too so he got to meet the locals (they seem to approve). J* et al came in to shanghai me as per usual, we went to Niagara Falls and spent the afternoon shopping (oooh, new suit, makeup and socks!) with W4tM, who came up to spend the day with us, and we all went to dinner. Of course, the two of us had cheesecake on a stick first. Yep, before dinner – I’m an adult, I can eat stuff in whatever order I want, nyah!

Anyway, from there I was hiked back to Kitchener to spend the rest of the holidays, which was also great – got lots of cuddles in with my godson, visited with lots of friends, went shopping (good lord, did I go shopping! Let’s see – socks, shoes, ELEVEN tops, pants, black velvet jacket, coat, necklace, hat, skirt), had an early birthday dinner and two parties at new year’s eve (drunken Trivial Pursuit until 3am is a great way to spend it, btw!), and then we all had dessert downtown this afternoon before L and I came back to town. What a great holiday!

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