Friday, January 12, 2007

On the eve of sequesterment...? Sequestering? Sequestion?

Lewis BlackPostal ServiceOkay, the month’s slipping by. So here’s the quick skinny:

Tavern night went well, I made out like a bandit at Sonic Boom again - Lewis Black (The Carnegie Hall Performance), Postal Service (We Will Become Silhouettes ep), Kate Bush (The Kick Inside - which is already in my collection damnit, I'll have to find a good home for it...), They Might Be Giants (Holidayland), 808 State (ex:el) and an Ultra-Lounge collection (Space Capades)!

holidaylandCB and CR have started coming to Tavern regularly, which makes me happy. Also I didn't have to pay for my drinks or dinner, as it was my birthday at midnight and folks generally paid for my stuff. That's right, they paid - I didn't do a runner! And honestly, I've never done that on purpose anyway - I just have a terrible memory *grin* I've taken to paying for stuff the moment I get it, just in case...

space capadesMy actual birthday was great too, L gave me nice things (DVDs and a CD and some nice earrings) and took me for dinner (we were going to go to Le Papillon but decided we weren't as upscale as the menu, so we went to HotHouse and had something we both liked) and spent the weekend making me happy (mmm, cheesecake!)...

fujifilm finepix F31fdI bought a new camera! Yep, the FujiFilm FinePix f31FD, it’s got crazy low-light performance and it’s light and small and sexy and quick and has a huge lcd screen and, oh, everything – I just can’t stop raving about it! I’m slowly putting pix up on my flickr page from the new camera, and leaving the exif information intact for those geeks who must know about such things *grin*

And now, we have snow! Yep, finally there's snow on the ground. It's kinda wussy snow, but it's something at least...

A sad thing happened though, L’s paternal grandmother passed away so I went to the service with him, which was a big meeting of so many people on his father’s side of the family. I think they were all just happy to celebrate her life, L’s uncle led some prayers and such. Oh, and I’ve finally met his big brother, so that’s all of ’em – sad to have taken an occasion like that, but it’s done now. Poor little man *hugs*

Lastnight the usual suspects – plus some, there were nine of us in the end! – saw Children Of Men – okay, this film just blew me away. It was so powerful, filmed in an almost documentary-style, Clive Owen was fantastic. Such a bleak image for the future. We all thought when it came out ‘this will win the oscar for direction’ – and I’ve since seen the nominations, and it’s only on the list in the artsy categories, what’s up with that?

Had dinner with L and G tonight, but that’s it for the weekend – I’ve set myself a goal, and that is to have my bedroom clean enough that people can actually SEE it…

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