Saturday, March 03, 2007

February, and all it entailed

Okay, I admit I've been busy, so I haven't had a chance to update my blog for a month! Not a good way to mark my one-year anniversary here... So let me fill you in on my fabulous February:

Tavern was good, we had a couple of new people (who were attached to some regulars). L and I went to his Nona's 90th birthday party in Stoney Creek and then on to Welland to visit my folks for a few hours, which was nice. Huge family! All very nice - L's father kept singing old Italian songs, it was hilarious! When we got back to Toronto we watched Suicide Kings, as L hadn't seen it before.

I brought my friend Ari to my Stitch & Bitch and taught him to knit, and he actually enjoyed it, good sign. it's the last s&b I made it to last month though, everything was just too busy...

...because L and I went to Los Angeles! We based it around Gallifrey One, which was actually cool, but we only went to one day of the Convention, we spent the rest of the time tooling around the area - Venice Beach, Santa Monica, Topanga Canyon, Mulholland Drive, The Getty, the Sunset Strip, Hollywood, Warner Brothers Studios, the Bradbury Building, Dodger Stadium... exhausting! And along with that was the fun of meeting a ton of people that we've known online for a long time but were only now finally meeting, and they're all lovely, aaaw... (pix are on my flickr page, slowly being updated). I bought the Monty Python box set and News Radio set 2, as well as two Wall of Voodoo CDs, Belle & Sebastian's Storytelling and Steve Hackett's Spectral Mornings (yahoo!) from Amoeba...

Got back to playing darts - one truly awful night and another truly fabulous night - spent a bit of money (West Wing season 7 and Flushed Away), watched some DVDs (My Big Fat Greek Wedding and lots of Green Wing), and went to the theatre to see something terrible (Hannibal Rising - completely two-dimensional, by the way, save your money!).

So there you go, all caught up!

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