Monday, March 12, 2007

Winter eases its grip

It’s 6° celsius out there today. Last week we had a high of -12°. And a bunch of downtown streets were closed due to the Menace From Above. It’s a crazy town, it really is.

Anyway, life’s been good, I got a couple of new DVDs for cheap (West Wing season 7 and Flushed Away), I finished my clapotis cap finally and I’m moving on to the scarf, my dart game is improving, and I just got back from a lovely weekend with the girls getting pampered at a spa, mmm... And weekends with J* are decadent enough as it is without adding pedicures to the mix - as it is, I bought some pretty new sandals for the summer and some new fun undies (cherries are awfully sweet)!

Also, I’ve been thinking about getting my butt back to the gym too. To motivate myself, I bought some new gym pants and a new gym shirt, so I won’t feel like I’m wearing something several years old anymore. I’m going to see if I can drag my butt in there tomorrow morning before work - no guarantees, but we'll see...

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