Monday, April 02, 2007

New Who!

Still running around everywhere, getting to the gym (but I'm thinking I need new runners) and having fun with my fish. Of course, one of my guppies got his head stuck in the filter on Friday night and had to be rescued, but he didn't make it, poor fella.

So on Saturday I bought more fish - bunch more guppies and some cherry barbs, they're interesting. The kuhli loach still glares at me.

Anyway, Saturday night my neighbours were having a party so I bought some new liqueur to bring - a chai cream liqueur, so yummy! We stayed a bit longer than I'd planned but we were only 3 doors away so that's not so bad *grin*

Then yesterday some of us congregated at a friend's house to watch the new Doctor Who season opener - which was so so so cool! Very well done, the Judoon were great, and Martha has some dimension to her - things look good for the new season!

Rescued from Draft purgatory

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