Friday, May 04, 2007

Oop, new project...

Yet again, I’m procrastinating. Clapotis has been put aside. Why? J’s getting married! There’s less than a month before the big day, and even though they’ve said they don’t want presents, I’d like to give them something. I’ve decided on what, but I’ve got to find the supplies. I’m not saying more until I’ve finished it!

So I’ve been going everywhere looking for the right stuff, but with no luck. In the meantime I’ve been stocking up the aquarium - I have four new little cherry shrimp and three new pretty blue guppies, they went in well and made themselves at home with everyone. Tried Honest Ed’s - man, haven’t been in there for years and years, and it’s still just as easy to get lost! No luck, but saw that Magic Bullet thing (you know, the one that sold for $100 last summer) for $34, so maybe tomorrow I'll go back for it!

Today was a great day - not only did my Amazon order arrive (Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire, WKRP Season 1 and Willo The Wisp!), but tonight was Tavern night, and it was good - stayed late too but sooo tired!

Tomorrow: I WILL find what I’m looking for, maybe maybe...

rescued from Draft purgatory

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