Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Three Hours of LOST

Holy doodle. Season’s over, until next January I hear, what’ll I do???

So yeah, it’s been a busy week, an old friend from Waterloo and his wife were in town so we visited with them a bit, dinner at Hot House, you know. Very nice.

I’d taken the next day off, originally we were all supposed to go to the Toronto Metro Zoo (never been? Check out my pix from my last visit on my Flickr page - also linked at right) but plans for that fell through so I did some cleaning and then L and I went for a nice walk on the Rouge River. Next day we went to the Toronto FC game, which was very cool, although we didn’t win (damn) and then went up to Kitchener to visit with J* and co., and another friend from my Waterloo days, busy busy! We even got to Aberfoyle, but I was good, didn’t spend too much...

...which brings us to tonight. My neighbour A came over and we watched the recap episode and two hour season finale of Lost. HOLY DOODLE. Damn. Grr...

rescued from Draft purgatory


  1. holy doodlidoodilidoo!!


    Supposedly a big change coming in the show though.

  2. Yeah, but waiting until September's gonna be HARD!