Tuesday, June 05, 2007

And suddenly it’s June!

Man, the weather has been nuts - bright and sunny, then storming, then muggy, then cold...

Summer darts starts tonight, yay! I’m a bit worried that I will suck as I haven’t really played in over a month, but I sucked total donkey last year when I first started so that’s okay. Oh, and I won a gift certificate to Mayday Malone’s from Torontodarts.com!

The last week has been pretty good - last Monday I saw my dentist, and he’s a bit worried about a spot on the back of one of my teeth (argh, could this be my first cavity?) BUT he’s started giving out electric toothbrushes, which rocks! The rest of the week was hectic, but Thursday I bought Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest and watched it with L and Xog so we’d be prepared for Friday, when we went with T to see Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End - which, btw, was a lot of fun but quite long.

Had a meeting before the movie on Friday with a financial person from my bank - she wanted to do a ’financial checkup’ on me (i.e., she wanted to see if she could get me to sign up for stuff) which started late, had me running back and forth between two banks and ended with her trying to trick me into thinking I was breaking the law (’no, you have to have a power of attorney, it’s the law’ ’hang on, are you actually saying I’m BREAKING THE LAW by not having one set up?’ ’oh no, not that serious, hahahah...’). I really doubt I’ll be dealing with her when I finally decide to get a mortgage.

Saturday I wanted to be productive, so I pulled all the tupperware and baking pans and pots and stuff out of the bottom cupboard and cleaned and organized them all, I felt like an adult! Then I went off to The Pilot in Yorkville to join J&R and some others for a reception of sorts, which was bright and sunny and fun (L joined us after the Toronto FC game, which I think we won).

Then on Sunday - you guessed it - another enormous family get-together! This is what I get for dating an Italian - not that I don’t like his family of course! I do, they’re all very sweet and fun, but I’m just not used to this social whirl and I’m getting exhausted! A very nice day though, and I think I’m starting to get the hang of pacing myself with these never-ending meals...

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