Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Leon Redbone's here!

So a week or so ago J&P&A were in to visit, and as we sat across from Massey Hall having lunch I saw Leon Redbone listed on the playbill - omg, I didn't know he was coming! So when we got home I went online and got the tix *phew*

So in the meantime, I went to Tavern, spent too much money - DVDs (Shirley Valentine; Kiss Kiss Bang Bang; Lucky Number Slevin; The Commitments Special Edition) and a new fishtank to sequester the evil goldfish - and sucked at darts. Well, didn't suck completely, but still.

So yes, Leon. Well, really he was only opening up for Madeleine Peyroux - who wasn't really all that exciting, she has a nice voice and all but I could have lived without seeing her. Leon though - ah, he's wonderful. But he didn't look well, I think he's been ill to be honest. He's not the youngest man anymore of course. But he's still wonderful. Well, it was a long trip for him I'm sure, he won't fly anymore - he survived an airplane accident a while back, so it's understandable.

- rescued from Draft purgatory -

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