Monday, March 10, 2008

Midnight ponderings

I hate Daylight Savings. I think it's a stupid idea in the first place, so I find it even more stupid that we've had to change our dates around just because the Americans are changing theirs.

As a result of this, I'm wide awake when I should be asleep, and my mind is racing.

I was doing a bit of a spring cleaning on the Metatron™ the other night and came across my MSN logs - yes, I've got my IM software set to log my chats, because sometimes a connection might be lost and you want to know what was missed, etc. Anyway, I stumbled upon one from almost two years ago, a very late night chat with a very dear friend, and I suddenly realized I hadn't seen them in a very very long time and I almost cried, to think I'd let so long pass without keeping in touch.

What do I plan to do about this? I'm not sure. I've sent them a message to see if they remember that particular discussion - did you know pizza is actually sliced with old pizza? maybe you had to be there - and I'll see what they say.

Oh, in other news I've picked up a partially finished scarf I was working on, probably around the same time, and I'm determined to have it done before scarves aren't needed anymore this year. I'm hoping that'll be within the next two weeks, but the way the weather is going out there it might be June before we see the end of the snow.

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