Thursday, June 26, 2008

My robot is sick.

I love my robot, but he needs the doctor.

Yep, my Roomba’s right wheel has been sticking, and I’m going to need to perform a transplant. Today iRobot let me know they are sending me his new limb (“Limbcrafters - quality prosthetics in about an hour” – thank you FASS ’92!) and when it arrives I’m going to scrub up and dive in!

But in the meantime my carpet is starting to show signs of needing attention. Gah.

(That, by the way, is my first ever YouTube video!)

I love my Roomba. Personally, I think he got ill because I haven’t named him yet. I dunno, a name just hasn’t popped to mind. L has given me suggestions of course but I don’t feel they’ve captured his personality — although Belvedere came close!

Given the sticky wheel situation, perhaps Dizzy would be a good name...

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