Sunday, September 21, 2008

EBE is hitched - and I rock

Eric & KarenEven Bigger Eric got married on Saturday! He and Karen looked amazing and the service and reception were exceptional. Great food, great venues.

L and I didn’t dance, even though the music was pretty good - I was having too much fun chatting with friends. Pix are up on Flickr now... (and yes, B, you do look and sound just like Lewis Black. Deal.)

Sunday J and I went out to Aberfoyle - and I bought pennies. Yep, I BOUGHT pennies. Three cents each. But one of them was an American 1902 indian head, so there. Also, I now finally have a weighty-enough crock to use for my utensils so they won’t fall over every time I glance in their direction. Oh, and a couple more watches and a necklace. Yup.

In possibly bigger news, I did indeed start back to the gym a few weeks ago. And it was really hard to get back into it, but I’ve made a discovery: if I only do weight training at the gym and use my walk home for my cardio, I’m only at the gym for about 40 minutes and it doesn’t cut into my life at all! So that’s what I’m doing. And I don’t need an antihistamine! Twice a week since the 8th, so far so good.

Also trying to eat a bit better, but that’s harder - there are only so many salads and subs I can have in a week before I start craving chicken fingers *grin*

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