Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New shows

Okay, so we’re back to a new season of television. Yes, this is important.

New for me is Fringe - sort of a new X-Files-ish show with an interesting cast. I can see some parts of it I’ll probably get sick of sooner or later, like the ‘mad scientist’ guy, although his son is kind of awesome. The return of Blair Brown to primetime is genius!

House is back. Hugh Laurie is still fantastic. Nothing else to say about that really.

And then, under the radar, comes Rabbit Fall. It’s a creepy little half hour (an odd but inspired length for this kind of show) with shades of Twin Peaks. Most of the cast not immediately recognizable (at least to me) but rather than hinder the show it seems to help enhance the isolation at the heart of the story. Apparently this show has been around for a little while, maybe on APTN, but with Space carrying it now I’m betting it will pick up a larger audience. Here’s hoping!

Next week we’ll have Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother and Grey’s Anatomy starting back, and Pushing Daisies will start the following week. Getting kind of excited over here...

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