Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Remembrance Day

So much for remembering - today I did something stupid. I left my bank card in the machine. And you know, when I walked away from the machine I had a vague feeling of unease, like I’d forgotten something - funny that. Old age is coming up fast...

Anyway, the weekend was good, L and I went to visit his Gran in Stoney Creek and then went to a birthday party in Oakville, which was really nice, just hanging out with the birthday boy and his family - and then it took us about 90 minutes to get back to Toronto on the QEW because the whole eastbound lane, and the collectors (seven lanes total) went down to one lane because of construction, and people went MAD, driving in the wrong direction, driving across the grassy divide between the sections, it was insane!

Had friends over in Markham on Sunday too, which was all good, we ate pizza and watched Dr Who. Nice day.

Thought about Harrison, my Dad’s Dad, today. He fought with the North Shore Regiment during WWII, he went ashore on D-Day and took St-Aubin. He made it back and lived a long life, but when he died the government wouldn’t even give him a marker - my Dad had to have a whip ’round his friends to pay for a stone. Sad.

Oh, and darts tonight - I didn’t suck completely, I infact had some pretty good games - too bad I was playing someone even better *grin* but still enjoyable!

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