Monday, November 03, 2008

What spending spree?

Okay, so I spent the whole week going around to every Winners in the area, trying to find the same coat in something other than white, and I’ve had absolutely no luck. But this past weekend I was up in KW for Hallowe’en and a birthday party, so I thought perhaps J* and I could visit the massive Winners there, you know, just quickly pop in and see if they had an alternate. I should have known better.

We got there on Saturday afternoon and their coat selection was really minimal. So instead of just turning around an leaving, we browsed a wee bit through the pants. And shirts. And shoes. And when we left, I had a BCBG dress, grey jeans, patterned dress pants, black & white top, amazing Emma Peel boots and fake nails. Plus the white coat.

I had brought a really nice outfit up with me to wear to the birthday celebration on Saturday evening, but what I had just bought was so fabulous I ended up wearing that (including a great pashmina J* got for me in NY) and looking hot to boot. Yay!

Oh, but wait, it doesn’t end there! Next day, we went out to a different Winners, where I once again didn’t find a replacement coat - but did find two more blouses and some Xmas cards. Oh, and we stopped at Sunrise as well and L and I spent bought a bunch of Dr Who figures. Sheesh.

So anyway, Hallowe’en itself was good, my godson looked adorable dressed as a monkey. The birthday party was also good, got to see lots of friends I hadn’t seen in a little while and the birthday girl looked completely lovely. I knitted a hat for her! And my parents’ 45th wedding anniversary was Sunday, go them. How much do you want to bet they went to Swiss Chalet again?

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